OPEN PEOPLE : OPEN SPACES is a multi-site collaborative photographic exhibition by Jean Fraser and 173 Whitstable residents and their friends. It celebrates a community's commitment to non-violence, safety and solidarity.
The exhibition, which responds to support which followed an attack on two Whitstable men last year, is part of East Kent Open Houses.
Photographs are displayed at three venues in Whitstable, Kent, and illuminated backlit images will light up Nelson Road and Island Wall windows over the weekends of 19/20 + 26/27 October and 2/3 November between 4-9 pm.

Visit www.openpeopleopenspaces.co.uk to learn more about the exhibition (apologies no link, please copy and paste).


DRAWING BREATH is an arts and health project about breath and breathing, Drawing Breath originated in 2007 in a cycle ride on the Kent and East Sussex coast, and the conversations and conditions encountered on the way - a landscape adventure about survival and what remains possible as we grow older.

This journey culminated in 2008 in a group exhibition, DRAWING BREATH RECYCLED: MAPS AND JOURNEYS, which is currently on tour. Please see events and blog pages for details.

In 2009 the project continued with a further cycle journey which commenced at Hastings at the end of May. Keeping as close to the sea as possible, I cycled, photographed and dreamed my way along the South Coast arriving a month later on the Isle of Wight. Check the blog page for conversations, stories and photos.